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Dogs are beloved animals, and it is easy to think that if you have been bitten you do not have much to worry about; this is not always the case. Dog bites are serious injuries, in fact, approximately one in five dog bites require medical attention. We understand that it is very likely that you did nothing to provoke the dog bite, which is why California has very strict liability laws for dog owners. We are also aware that you may have been bitten by a family member’s or friend’s dog. In this case, you probably do not want to be the source of their financial burden, but you need a way to pay for your medical bills. Luckily, your dog bite is most likely covered by the owner’s renter’s or home owner’s insurance. Chances are, not a dime will come out of the dog owner’s pockets.

At Dog Bite Attorneys of California, We strive to set ourselves apart from other boutique law firms with no focus in mind. We are a group of Personal Injury Attorneys and paralegals with over 20 years of combined litigation experience handling Personal Injury matters in California.

Our Firm is assisted by several associate attorneys with top notch experience in the Personal Injury and Litigation arena. The firm performs as a team when representing its clients in state and federal courts providing its clients with the best possible combined services.

The firm’s attorneys handle cases throughout Southern California and are all licensed by the state BAR of California.

It is important when choosing a Law Firm that you make sure that they are highly qualified and have proven results.

We urge you to contact our offices so you can experience for yourself what a true satisfied customer service experience feels like first hand.

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A few Reasons To Choose Our Dog Bite Injury Law Firm

Below you will find the most common Dog Bite Injury damages we pursue.

Medical Bills

Our firm will make sure to get your medical bills paid very quickly. We will fight for you diligently throughout this financial burden.

Pain & Suffering

The pain felt by a victim of a dog bite related injury can be immense. You would probably give a small fortune to make the pain go away if you could, and you should be compensated.

Plastic Surgery

If a dog severely bites you you may need plastic surgery to avoid serious scars or deformities. Although these surgeries may be costly, they can be included in your compensation.

Emotional Anguish

A dog bite victim’s emotional anguish is immeasurable. For some it can be just as hard to endure as the physical pain of the bite, and understandably so.

Loss Of Income

If you are injured from a dog bite, and you are in the work force, you will probably be faced with a huge financial burden. Your time away from work can be compensated!


Most dog bite victims are left with a permanent scar from their injury. We will seek compensation for any scar that visibly appears on our client’s body.

Psychological Damages

If a dog bites you, it may be hard to forget the day of the unfortunate attack. These attacks often leave a traumatic memory in your brain. We will seek compensation.

Quality Of Life 

Before a dog bite, a victim is typically able to maintain a solid quality of life. Unfortunately, dog bite attacks can put a damper on the victim’s life. We will seek compensation.

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Our lawyers can also represent you in other personal injury cases such as Cat, Truck and Slip & Fall Cases.

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"I am an attorney and I often refer clients to John. He is talented, reliable, and aggressive. He has gotten every one of my referrals excellent results"

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"You've taken so much pressure off me and taken a traumatizing situation for me and helped me confront it and move forward. Thank you for caring and wanting to help"

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"I called a few other Dog Bite lawyers and John won out. If you need the best of the best. Call these guys"

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"I love that you know how to fix problems quickly and accurately. Your reputation for character and integrity is exceeded only by the results you obtain"

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Our Personal Injury Law Firm has received Global Recognition as well as several Awards and  Accreditations.


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